Henry Townrow Marriage 1783


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Henry*(1) married Elizabeth Girling*(a) on 2 November 1783 in Campsea Ash, Suffolk. It is rather strange that on the parish register for this marriage, Henry has stated he was from the Parish of Blaxhall. Unfortunately there are no records of any Townrow's being registered in Blaxhall. There were however several Townrow's in the Parish of Rendham. At present I have taken the Henry townrow of Rendham to be this Henry. I have located seven children from this marriage of Henry and Elizabeth - Elizabeth, Henry, John, Frances, Hannah, Alethea and Samuel.

Elizabeth born 20 December 1784, Campsea Ash, baptism in a private ceremony on 6 January 1785 in St John the Baptist Church.

Henry*(2) born 12 January 1787, Campsea Ash, baptism 3 June 1787 in St John the Baptist Church. He was buried on 14 March 1853 at All Saints Church, Hacheston.

John born 25 September 1788, Campsea Ash, baptism 4 January 1789 in St John the Baptist Church.

Frances born 7 November 1790, Campsea Ash, baptism 15 April 1792 in St John the Baptist.

Hannah born 10 April 1793, Campsea Ash, baptism in private ceremony on 12 April 1793 in St John the Baptist Church.

Alethea born 24 October 1795, Campsea Ash, baptism 24 January 1796 in St John the Baptist Church.

Samuel born 24 April 1801, Campsea Ash, baptism 15 August 1801 in St John the Baptist Church, he died on 23 August 1801.

*(1) great great great great grandfather. According to Parish records of Campsea Ash Henry Townrow was buried on 26 October 1810.

*(a) Elizabeth Girling (father William, mother Elizabeth) was baptised on 14 January 1756 in St John the Baptist Church and was buried 30 September 1819 in Campsea Ash.

Located a Frances Townrow's marriage to Aaron Smith on 17 February 1812 in Campsea Ash, this may refer to Henry and Elizabeth's daughter.


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